Homemade Almond Joys

Almond Joy

I started out making macaroons. I bought a fresh coconut, I grated the meat and toasted it and I used a weird recipe and I had weird macaroons. Naturally, I covered them in chocolate, because chocolate makes everything better. Then I realized (slash my mom told me) they looked like Mounds bars. So I added an almond and made them an almond joy. But to get back to the point, I initially followed a recipe for macaroons. It’s a pretty bad recipe for macaroons. They came out dense and chewy and moist. But it’s a pretty great recipe for Almond Joy bites. So, what started as macaroons took a scary twist when I realized they were not macaroons but took a happy twist when I realized they were still pretty darn great.

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Homemade Worcestershire Sauce

Worcestershire 3
Worcestershire sauce is great. It can be used in a bunch of different things: steak marinade, to flavor burgers, or for a jerky marinade (recipe soon to come). I started making jerky a few years ago and would mix up my own concoction to marinate the meat in. The marinade would consist of store-bought Worcestershire, some spices, herbs, soy sauce, etc. Then I started wondering, why don’t I just make my own marinade? Its much healthier, wholesome, and satisfying (both for my taste buds and for feeling accomplished). Then started Homemade Worcestershire Sauce.

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