Homemade Chai Concentrate

whole spicesNow that the holiday season is finally upon us, Starbucks has really upped its advertising of its holiday drinks. PSL. Caramel apple cider. Peppermint mocha. Chai has always been on the menu, but it is a great cold weather drink that I especially love during the winter. Continue reading


S’mores Cupcakes



The candy store at UConn sells s’mores bars: chocolate covered graham crackers and marshmallows, and they’re amazing. So this prompted me to try to make some sort of s’mores at home, a kind that I DON’T need a fire to make. I was looking at recipes online and I found one for a s’mores log, I found a chocolate cupcake with marshmallow meringue on top, but none of them were perfect. Since I had 3 tests this week, I was a little pressed for time (hence the cake mix but I can’t be perfect all the time) but I threw this together pretty quickly. Graham cracker bottom. Chocolate cupcake. Fluff center. Chocolate frosting with a browned marshmallow. AKA heaven. Continue reading