Apple Pie


I made an apple pie! It’s on the table next to me as I’m writing this and it smells. so. good. I can’t stop smelling it.   Continue reading


Beef Jerky

dehydrating beef

Beef jerky is something that’s so amazingly simple yet kind of intimidating to make. You cut up raw meat, lay it flat to dry (on a dehydrator but still), then eat it. Though “raw,” it is safe, delicious, and most of all healthy. Continue reading

S’mores Cupcakes



The candy store at UConn sells s’mores bars: chocolate covered graham crackers and marshmallows, and they’re amazing. So this prompted me to try to make some sort of s’mores at home, a kind that I DON’T need a fire to make. I was looking at recipes online and I found one for a s’mores log, I found a chocolate cupcake with marshmallow meringue on top, but none of them were perfect. Since I had 3 tests this week, I was a little pressed for time (hence the cake mix but I can’t be perfect all the time) but I threw this together pretty quickly. Graham cracker bottom. Chocolate cupcake. Fluff center. Chocolate frosting with a browned marshmallow. AKA heaven. Continue reading

Blueberry Peach Coffee Cake

Blueberry and peach batter

Things have been a little busier than normal, so please forgive my tardiness on putting this up (finishing work, moving into school, starting SENIOR YEAR OF COLLEGE). My favorite summer fruits are blueberries and peaches, so voila, I combined them both into a recipe. This recipe was originally for blueberry coffee cake, but, in typical Ellen fashion, I added peaches because I can’t follow a recipe. The peaches add more moisture to the cake and make it a little denser but the flavor is great. Unfortunately while at school, my baking is more limited since all of the ingredients I could ever dream of are not at my fingertips anymore (they’re at the grocery store instead of the closet), so I hope to still be able to add more recipes more frequently this fall (fingers crossed). Enjoy the last few days of summer and this great recipe! Continue reading

Homemade Almond Joys

Almond Joy

I started out making macaroons. I bought a fresh coconut, I grated the meat and toasted it and I used a weird recipe and I had weird macaroons. Naturally, I covered them in chocolate, because chocolate makes everything better. Then I realized (slash my mom told me) they looked like Mounds bars. So I added an almond and made them an almond joy. But to get back to the point, I initially followed a recipe for macaroons. It’s a pretty bad recipe for macaroons. They came out dense and chewy and moist. But it’s a pretty great recipe for Almond Joy bites. So, what started as macaroons took a scary twist when I realized they were not macaroons but took a happy twist when I realized they were still pretty darn great.

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Homemade Worcestershire Sauce

Worcestershire 3
Worcestershire sauce is great. It can be used in a bunch of different things: steak marinade, to flavor burgers, or for a jerky marinade (recipe soon to come). I started making jerky a few years ago and would mix up my own concoction to marinate the meat in. The marinade would consist of store-bought Worcestershire, some spices, herbs, soy sauce, etc. Then I started wondering, why don’t I just make my own marinade? Its much healthier, wholesome, and satisfying (both for my taste buds and for feeling accomplished). Then started Homemade Worcestershire Sauce.

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